This is a complete company transformation. We go through all aspects of your business from marketing to software to management etc and we spend the first part of all 3 mornings meeting with techs and sales staff to drive revenue and then throughout the day we go into the other parts of the business to make improvements. This package is sure to take your company to a whole new level.

  • Service and Sales Training Course for techs and sales staff
  • Marketing Overhaul- Social Media, Reviews, Website
  • Leadership enhancement for managers, culture shock
  • Implement software programs: GPS tracking, Sales Tracking
  • Competitive planning
  • Job costing for profits
  • Call Center Revamp- Dispatch, telemarketing scripts & strategies
  • Vendor Management Program




This is the ultimate sales driving package, we take 2 days to do a customized marketing overhaul that enhances your social media presence, brings up your overall review rating for all the top sites, gives your company website a total makeover and much more. For the sales training course we’ve utilized our extensive experience in HVAC and sales to create a simple system for your techs ands sales staff to follow that has never failed to drive sales when used correctly.

  • Service and Sales Training Course for techs and sales staff
  • Marketing Overhaul- Social Media, Reviews, Website




This is a one day sales meeting that does a complete overview of the sales process for your team. A great sales team regroup is sometimes all it takes to turn a stale month into a productive one.

  • Service and Sales Training course for techs and staffs to lead them into their day

I have been a part of the “service” industry for over 30 years, working for my families business where my biggest dream (then) was of being a tech, with my own van while wearing a uniform with my name on it.​

My notable success for brand building (on a larger scale) comes from my time with the larger corporations. I mentored and developed countless success stories during my time with these companies and continue to do so to this day as a consultant.

I have a canny ability to drive sales and lead companies and individuals to success. I know my large success is due to the fact to this day I love what I do. I can still remember my first uniform, business card and Van! wow those were the days. My goal is to make the service industry the place to be and show why this is one of the greatest teams in the world to join.