Our Vision

At HVACGOD we believe every company deserves the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. We have advanced many companies "old and new" "big and small" and to this day we continue to exceed expectations.

Our Story

Coming from a small town with small dreams, moving on to the big city with even bigger dreams. Keith has evolved in the industry and is excited to share his knowledge and expertise with each and every HVAC company along the way. We help others overcome difficult challenges and obstacles that owning a business brings and make the dreams of owning a successful and PROFITABLE business a reality.

Meet the Trainer


Keith Flores, CEO

I’m an expert sales driver and accomplished brand builder, focusing on the service industry (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical). My passion for sales and competitive, motivated nature is what drives my success. I’ve managed, built and developed many companies from start-ups to $30+ million operations. Being a natural leader helps me transform any company or any employee into the best version of themselves. My firm belief in hard-work and consistency shines through in my work ethic, I lead by example, it’s the only way to achieve massive success. To ensure I structure all companies for max profitability I analyze every aspect of a business. If you want to be successful cutting corners is not an option. I thrive off energy, your business thrives off energy, revive your culture and you will revive your business. I don’t have any secrets but I do believe experience trumps knowledge every single time. You have to put in the work, you have to earn respect and you have to earn your right to be a dominating business in this industry. “Get up, dress up, show up and NEVER GIVE UP.”

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